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Let’s Watch Five Formula 1 Drivers Duke it Out in Go Karts

Every Formula 1 driver had to start somewhere, and racing karts at a very young age is how most champions are cultivated. This is true for pretty much every modern F1 driver in the field today, and past winners are no different. That’s why five McLaren drivers, spanning three generations, have been brought together in this video to face off in a karting battle royale. Karting is the best kind of racing to turn your passion for driving into a professional career.

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The video comes to us from Youtuber SeventyFiveBucks, bringing some of the greatest racers alive today back to their karting roots: Mika Häkkinen, the F1 champion in 1998 and 1999; David Coulthard, runner-up to the 2001 championship; Stoffel Vandoren, McLaren-Honda’s current reserve driver; and of course, McLaren’s current pros, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

While they’re at the track to have fun, seeing them battle against each other in what’s arguably the purest form of racing is an amazing sight to behold.

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The race is only one lap, held at Alonso’s new karting track in Llanera, Spain. The video doesn’t really show us who crossed the finish line first, but that’s okay—by seeing these guys duking it out on track, we’re the real winners.


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