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Watch this Golf Cart Smoke a 1000-HP Corvette on the Drag Strip

When it comes to drag racing, people come up with all sorts of wild rides to get attention at the strip. Whether it be mid-engine big-block VW Buses—or in this case, a Hayabusa-powered golf cart—there’s no limit to what people can piece together and run down the quarter-mile.

Running a 1300-cc Hayabusa-sourced inline-four cylinder motor, this golf cart is able to make 158 horsepower to the rear wheels without having to sacrifice any weight penalties. With virtually nothing to lug around besides an engine and a driver, it makes for a formidable straight-line opponent.

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The driver of this 1050-horsepower supercharged Corvette Z06 thought he or she might be able to take down the one-seater rocket, but this video shows us it’ll take more than big American muscle to beat adding lightness. The cart—with over six times less horsepower—gets off the line at a lightning pace, and reaches the finish line to take victory.

Watch for yourself.

Source: Engine Swap Depot


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