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Do you know what factors change air suspension spring rates?

Our friend Jason Fenske at Engineering Explained created a video discussing what air suspension is and how it works. Now he’s back with a second video that dives a bit more deeply into the air ride world. This time the focus is on spring rates, and how they’re affected by a number of factors. Just a week ago, we invited you to come along and learn about air suspension systems.

One of the neat party tricks with an air suspension system is the ability to raise and lower a vehicle. You can do this on the Ram truck shown in the video above, a Range Rover, and just about any other air suspension-equipped vehicle on the market. When you do this you not only see the nose inch higher or lower in front of your face, but you also change the effective spring rate. How much and how does that affect the ride? Watch the video to find out.

Temperature can have an effect on an air suspension as well. However, most modern systems look for deviations in pressure and ride height due to temperature issues, and can correct for this. Of course, this video goes into far greater detail and covers a few more corners of the air suspension spring rate world. Watch and learn.


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