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Tell you why a San Francisco-based art school started an automotive restoration program

We’ve previously mentioned the fact that the San Francisco-based Academy of Art University recently started a degree program in automotive restoration, but our San Francisco-based Dan Stoner sat down with the folks behind the launch of the program at the school for a closer look at how the program got its start. To teach old car appreciation to the next generation, basically.

As Stoner wrote:

Go to a car show these days, and the discussion around any gathering of two or more Baby Boomers (or older) will invariably turn to “what’s gonna happen to all these cars when the old guys die” and, maybe even more importantly, “the treasure trove of knowledge is gonna die with them, cuz these kids don’t care.” In the eyes of Matano and Buck, you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. And if the problem of losing an entire culture of American industrial ingenuity and design is real, then the community of professionals willing to pass their knowledge and skills on to the Academy’s student body through this program is its fix. The point is, kids really do care about all these beautiful old cars when they’re given the opportunity to. On their own terms. Through their own lens. Show them a path to a career restoring antique mechanical works of art and the rest of the world will benefit from that effort, too.

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