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BMW Will Sell New 3-Series Sedan Alongside Old Wagon, GT For 2019

BMW’s next-gen 3-Series has been hotly anticipated. However, shoppers may be in for some confusion because BMW is planning to sell the redesigned 2019 3-Series sedan alongside the “old” Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo.

We first got wind something was odd after noticing order guides showed the wagon and GT as starting production this month, with no mention of the sedans. Dealer incentive bulletins make a brief reference to a 2019 introduction.

BMW spokesperson Oleg Satanovsky was kind enough to confirm our suspicions about a staggered launch in an email today.

As it turns out, the redesigned 330i and 330i xDrive sedans will enter production this November, while a new performance model called the M340i (and its all-wheel drive variant) will follow in April 2019.

Unfortunately, specs for the 330i and M340i still haven’t been released. Both will likely be based on the same modular platform employed in the 5 and 7-Series featuring extensive use of lightweight aluminum and magnesium.

According to video featured on Motor Authority showing the sedan undergoing testing, the vehicle will feature a familiar silhouette but with a lower and wider stance with styling akin to the 5-Series.

Interestingly, we’ve also learned the 328d wagon will soon be on the chopping block. According to Mr. Satanovsky, production of the turbodiesel wagon will cease in December, with no replacement.

We suspect the gap in launch dates for the various 3-Series models could be confusing to some given that the brand began selling 2019 versions of models like the 4-Series, 7-Series and X3 months ago.

This means that if you see 2019 3-Series models on dealer lots in the next several months, they’re going to either be the wagon or GT. Orders for the sedan aren’t expected to start until later this year.

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Editor’s Note: 2016 3-Series GT pictured

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