Check out This Ultra-Basic Jeep Cherokee

I recently encountered among the most affluent old Cherokee versions I have ever seen — and it was one of the very stripped-down, base-model examples, likely in existence.

I watched this Cherokee on Nantucket Islandoff the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and it is a famous park for older SUVs because of both the rich nature of a number of the residents as well as the rutted, dirt structure of several island streets.

Walking to this Cherokee revealed some excellent details, such as the fact that it doesn’t have any window shade, steel wheels and a very basic inside which does not even incorporate a factory outlet. This generated my favourite detail: that Cherokee does not have any radio, therefore Jeep does not bother installing an antenna. However they still leave a gap in the fender in which the antenna must go, because creating a fender with no antenna hole will only be more expensive. If do not elect to your radio in your Cherokee, you get a factory-made hole on front fender.

Another wonderful feature of the ultra-base version Cherokee was that the passenger side mirror — and especially the fact that there was not one. Passenger mirrors were not needed in automobiles before the late 1980s, therefore this ancient 1980s Cherokee was not needed to possess you — and, as it is an ultra-base version without a radio, it does not. It is worth noting that this Cherokee does have a couple of non-base model attributes: an automatic transmission, desired 4-wheel drive plus also a blue-and-red pinstripe. I presumed the pinstripe supposed this Cherokee hailed by the U.S. Postal Service, but as it is a left-hand push case, that may be unlikely.

Afterwards I went home and conducted the Carfax report with this Cherokee, and it revealed some interesting information. For starters, it is a 1984 version, as it comes from the automobile’s first model year. The Carfax report proves that it was sold in January 1984 at Rochester, New York, meaning that it could possibly be among the most earliest”XJ” Cherokee versions. As of the previous ceremony in 2017, it’d only 64,904 miles on the odometer.

And sothis is a fairly special Cherokee: a first model year illustration with no choices, just sitting at a driveway awaiting summertime so that it may be utilized again. It was a thrill simply to watch it.

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