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    New Volkswagen Polo GTI 2016 May Launch End of 2016

    Showcased at Auto Expo 2016, new Volkswagen Polo GTI, has recently spotted on Indian roads. The car currently is in its testing phase and is expected to arrive soon in India. This car will be 3 door India’s first performance-oriented hatchback that will be arriving via CBU route in the country. New Volkswagen Polo GTI […]

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    Volkswagen Ameo compact Sedan VW ‘Ameo’ Launched in India at a Starting Price of INR 5.14 lacs

    The new Volkswagen Ameo compact sedan VW ‘AMEO’ was unveiled first to the Auto Expo 2016. Indian Market of Automobiles.  The much Waiting Volkswagen Ameo has been just launched in the country. It Launched In Indian Automobile market only in petrol version in three variants: 1. Trendline, 2. Comfortline and 3. Highline. The Volkswgen Ameo is priced between […]

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    Volkswagen Really Is Building Its Electric Bus

    In 2016, Volkswagen had many apologies and the electric car Detroit Auto Show. In 2017, they were about the same. Yet this new ID family member here will carry many people to stay in perfect silence. Look at last year’s BUDD-E concept, adding styling and the concept of a retractable steering wheel with the first […]

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    Show You 10 Affordable Sleeper Cars from the Past Decade

    Automotive peacocking at its finest. If a car has performance figures worth bragging about, nine times out of 10 you can tell from miles away. Flared arches, massive hood scoops, cavernous cooling vents and, of course, an overzealous rear wing — all billboards announcing spec-sheet prowess to the world. But, if you’re one of those […]

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    Fun Cars Under $25K – High Performance, Low Price

    When it comes to getting cheap thrills in a car on a budget, time and time again we’ll tell you to buy used. A used performance car has already depreciated and, as such, you’ll get a lot for your money. We’re also willing to admit that sometimes that argument is horseshit. Buying used or vintage […]

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    Volkswagon Says That They Can Fix Their Emissions Cheat

    Limited details of the plan were made public last week at a regional dealer meeting in Newark, New Jersey, by Volkswagen of America Chief Operating Officer Mark McNabb, said two dealers who asked not to be identified because the plan hasn’t been made public. Volkswagen’s plan to fix most of its 2-liter diesel engines that […]

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    Tesla Announced Its Most Affordable Model X Yet

    Following his “Master Plan” tweet (which caused Tesla stock to jump 4 percent), Musk has revealed that the Model X 60D can be purchased for a mere $74,000. That’s about $9,000 less than the Model-X 75D. The price drop announcement may be a smokescreen from Tesla for all the news surrounding recent autopilot accidents and […]

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    U.S. Bomb from WWII Foundd in Volkswagen Factory

    One of those turned out to be an unexploded aerial bomb that Americans that must have dropped on them after the Allies decided it wasn’t cool that the freshly set up town of Stadt des KdF-Wagens bei Fallersleben—soon to be renamed Wolfsburg under the British occupation—was building Ferdinand Porsche’s amphibious Schwimmwagens and versatile Kübelwagens for […]