• Used Lotus Exige Coupe 00-02

    Despite what Lotus will tell you to the contrary, this is much more of a weekend plaything than an everyday car. It’s a hard-topped two-seater, and the low doors mean getting in and out requires gymnastic levels of flexibility. However, once you finally have established yourself behind the wheel, it’s fantastic fun. The bucket seats […]

  • Used Proton Satria Hatchback 00-04

    The Proton Satria is substandard in just about every way. The handling offers little in the way of entertainment, although it’s safe enough, while the ride is crashy and restless. Refinement isn’t great, either: both engines are noisy at anything other than idle, and road and wind noise is a pain. The materials used in […]

  • Used Lotus Esprit Coupe 93-03

    Okay, so the basic design is 25 years old, but that doesn’t matter if the driving experience is this good. A proper member of the supercar pack, the Esprit’s got pin-sharp steering and goes in and out of corners with balance and poise. The ride is cracking, too. There’s a real suppleness to it that […]

  • Used Proton GEN-2 Hatchback 04-07

    The Proton Gen-2 is a five-door hatchback designed to compete in the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf class. And, to its credit, it looks smart and handles quite well. Proton owns Lotus and got the sports car company to develop a sharp, yet subtle-handling chassis for the Gen-2. The trouble is, Proton could do with […]