• Toyota
    2017 Toyota Sequoia 4×4 Platinum First Test: Size Matters

    Toyota land cruiser car, first of all, my favorite. Is there a better SUV? Even if I am wrong, then what? I like things. I am not alone in my mind. Corner Toyota employees are long enough that they will eventually admit that although they only sell 3,000 $ 86,000 off-road vehicles every year we […]

  • Automotive News
    Toyota’s far-out vision for the car of the future

    Toyota demonstrated its concept at CES 2017 on Wednesday to see how my car would share the 2030 vision of a car. Sitting four, but this is the only concept I have with the car today. The gates are made of almost complete glass to give the passengers a better view of the road. The […]

  • Auto Show
    2017 Detroit Auto Show Design Cliché of the Year

    Everybody’s gotta have a floating roof Super Cool 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser roof is usually painted in different colors than the body. The color dropped slightly behind the front windows of the car, perhaps creating a modern floating roof. Nissan Bush The idea of a float-colored roof C-or D-pillar inserted in a black, it visually […]

  • Automotive News
    Toyota's CES Concept Car
    Toyota’s CES Concept Car Is Something Else

    It has a perfect circular pod-shape, but this is not a Prius. Toyota’s concept is that I say hello to a concept car in the forefront of the era General Motors announced the 2017 International CES in its press conference. Gullwing door and shameless style, it is what we say, a bit off the security […]

  • Toyota
    Toyota 4A-GE Engine Being Fully Assembled Just Two Minutes

    Just two minutes, Toyota 4A-GE engine can being fully assembled. Someone recently uploaded a video of the 4A-GE he built for his 1987 Toyota MR2. And while the video is pretty cool to watch, it’s even better because he’s an amateur, not a professional. Final assembly reportedly took about a week. But according to his post, he […]

  • American Car
    Pint-Sized Pickups That You Didn’t Know You Wanted

    An not only has the ute disappeared from American roads, but so too have small pickup trucks. The “smallest” pickup Ford sells in the US today is still 17 feet long and nearly seven feet wide. Just because you want the utility of a truck doesn’t mean your only option should be a downsized big […]

  • Cars Brands
    Japan Won’t Make New (Good) Sports Cars. So Buy an Old One

    The Nissan 370Z gets closer still, but going on seven years it’s showing its age and borders on being too heavy. The Subaru WRX and Mitsbushi Evo don’t count because they’re sedans (the latter is on its way out, anyway) and the NSX and GT-R are more super than sport. Yes, Japan makes sports cars, […]

  • Cars Brands
    After U.S. Sales Mixed, Auto Industry on Watch for Headwinds

    General Motors Co., Toyota Motor Corp., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Honda Motor Co. said Friday that June U.S. sales trailed analysts’ estimates, while Nissan Motor Co. and Ford Motor Co. beat projections. Industrywide sales rose 2.5 percent to 1.51 million vehicles, researcher Autodata Corp. reported. The industry’s annual sales pace, adjusted for seasonal trends, was […]

  • Cars Brands
    Toyota Just Recalled Millions of Cars Over Emissions And Airbags Problems

    Toyota Motor Corp. said it has not received any reports of injuries or fatalities related to either recall. Some 932,000 vehicles are involved in both recalls, so the total number of affected vehicles is 3.37 million.  Toyota announced Wednesday it is recalling 1.43 million vehicles for defective air bags and another 2.87 million vehicles for […]

  • American Car
    Show You The Fastest-Selling Used Cars of 2016

    Better hope you have a hybrid or electric car. iSeeCars.com took at look at 2.2 million used cars  that were one to three years old sold between  January and May of 2016, and found that five out of the top ten were alternative fuel cars, whether that’s plug-in hybrids, electric cars, or hybrid models. Want to unload a […]