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    Why the Tesla Model Isn’t Replicable – The Reference Mark

    Now that Tesla has successfully (so far) made a proper run of building and selling electric vehicles in mass quantities, there are several nascent alt-fuel automakers promising similar dramatic leaps in technology, product offerings, and sales goals. Among them are Faraday Future and Lucid Motors, and others wait in the wings. If you read Frank […]

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    Toyota’s far-out vision for the car of the future

    Toyota demonstrated its concept at CES 2017 on Wednesday to see how my car would share the 2030 vision of a car. Sitting four, but this is the only concept I have with the car today. The gates are made of almost complete glass to give the passengers a better view of the road. The […]

  • Cadillac
    8 Escala Concept Details to Watch For in Future Cadillacs

    The concept of the Escala Cadillac was stunned by the official debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in Pebble Beach, and while there are still plenty of rich lust for big people, gorgeous traffic, they seem to worsen the limousine. So why did the Cadillac Escala Production Studio evolve into an optimism from the […]