• Automotive News
    Opel GT Concept for Geneva is an Ultra-Lightweight Sports Car

    GM’s European arm, Opel, will bring this gorgeous two-seat coupe concept to the Geneva show. It’s a tiny machine, but claimed to be a driver’s delight thanks to rear-wheel drive and sub-2,200-pound weight. The two most prominent design features are initially superficial. A red stripe bisects the car’s two-tone form. And the side windows are […]

  • Automotive News
    Toyota's CES Concept Car
    Toyota’s CES Concept Car Is Something Else

    It has a perfect circular pod-shape, but this is not a Prius. Toyota’s concept is that I say hello to a concept car in the forefront of the era General Motors announced the 2017 International CES in its press conference. Gullwing door and shameless style, it is what we say, a bit off the security […]

  • British Car
    Preview an Upcoming EV With a 220-Mile Range with Jaguar

    Jaguar vows to bring its first electric vehicle to market in 2018. As a preview of what this vehicle could look like, the British automaker has introduced the I-Pace concept, a performance SUV targeting a range of 220 miles once the production version is rated By the EPA. In preparation for its first electric model, […]

  • Cadillac
    8 Escala Concept Details to Watch For in Future Cadillacs

    The concept of the Escala Cadillac was stunned by the official debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in Pebble Beach, and while there are still plenty of rich lust for big people, gorgeous traffic, they seem to worsen the limousine. So why did the Cadillac Escala Production Studio evolve into an optimism from the […]