Jaguar I-Pace S 2019 review: snapshot

The S also comprises a guarantee -duration subscription into the’InControl App Remote’ smartphone program, which enables remote tracking of the car’s status and the capability to pre-condition the cottage temperature until you arrive in the vehicle. Bound to be useful on especially cold or hot days.

Supplying electric drive to all four wheels are double electric motors situated on the rear and front axles, with joint outputs of 294kW/696Nm delivering promised 0-100km/h acceleration in 4.8s.

Its driving array is ranked at 470km (WTLP) thanks to some 90kw/h battery liner the body’s ground, which is charged from empty in 43 hours by means of a normal power stage, or recover 11km of control per hour.

You’re able to measure up this to 35km of variety per hour using a Jet Charge wall socket set up, which will cut the entire cost down to 13 hours.

There is also the choice of charging public charge channels (currently 150 harmonious channels nationally ), however the present best-case charge situation would be through the very first 350kW ultra-rapid charger installed in Victoria, which guarantees 0-80 percent fee in approximately 40 minutes.

All I-Pace variations carry a maximum five star ANCAP security score.

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