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Tell you how to save money when buying a motorcycle

These four ideas will help you pick out the right motorcycle for your needs while keeping costs down. Choosing a motorcycle brand, style, and engine size can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to save money.

How to save money when buying a motorcycle

4 Money-saving suggestions

  1. Ask for a discount. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or buying a used bike, it can’t hurt to ask outright if they would be willing to offer you a lower price. The worst they can say is no. If the buyer knows you are interested but not looking to pay as much as they are charging, they might be willing to reduce the price a bit. It helps if you have developed a relationship with the dealer or have shown interest in buying a bike over time by visiting and inspecting the bike a couple of times.
  2. Skip the extras. Most motorcycle dealers will encourage you to buy a lot of fancy upgrades like expensive seats, higher quality tires and rims, or a bigger engine. These upgrades aren’t necessary and, if you do decide you want them someday, you can always add them on to your bike after the fact. It’s best to go with a basic motorcycle until you have more money to spend on higher quality parts. It’s most important to make sure you are purchasing a bike with a well-made body and engine.
  3. Look for a used bike. Used motorcycles can often be a great bargain. Check online sites to look for sellers that are offering lower prices on different types of motorcycles. Sometimes you can find great bikes that owners aren’t able to keep for various reasons, and you can end up getting a great deal. Just be sure to have the bike inspected before you buy so that you know you are getting a reliable motorcycle and not a lemon. Make sure to ask if the bike has ever had any major parts replaced or has ever been in an accident. That will affect the way it handles on the road and your ability to do maintenance on it in the future.
  4. Do your research. Before you look into buying a new bike, you should research the asking prices for different brands and styles of motorcycles. If you don’t know how much you should be paying, you might end up getting overcharged when you could have found a better deal elsewhere. You can read buyer’s guides to find more specific prices for different types of bikes.

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