Despite what Lotus will tell you to the contrary, this is much more of a weekend plaything than an everyday car. It’s a hard-topped two-seater, and the low doors mean getting in and out requires gymnastic levels of flexibility.

However, once you finally have established yourself behind the wheel, it’s fantastic fun. The bucket seats hold you firmly in place, although some fuller-bodied people may find them too narrow.

On the motorway, the experience is noisy and unpleasant, but everywhere else it’s noisy and brilliant. Find a twisty back road and the Exige will put a smile on your face; grip and cornering ability are sensational. The turn-in and steering feedback are what driving are all about.

This car’s not the place for a romantic chat; despite the claustrophobic nature of the cabin, you’ll struggle to hear yourself or the audio system. Storage space is virtually non-existent.

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