• Automotive News
    Parking Space Goes for $664,000 in Hong Kong

    In an extreme example of how expensive real estate has gotten in cities globally, a parking spot in Hong Kong has been sold for $664,200. The parking spot comes out to 188 square feet, but it’s new owner Kwan Wai-ming, executive director of Huarong Investment Stock Corp, cares more about the location than the size […]

  • Automotive News
    Airbus Has a Concept for a Transforming, Flying Car

    We’re still waiting for the flying car, and it looks like we might still be waiting for a very long while. But in the meantime, Airbus has revealed a concept vehicle which is part self-driving car, part flying machine called a Pop.Up. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie, which is fitting considering the […]

  • Guide & Tips
    How to Fix a Car Paint Scratch ? 4 Easy Steps Here

    Let’s get to know it. Supplies: As with any serious touch-up kit, there are a lot of materials. The box for my black Bronco (color code M1724A) includes prep solvent, rubbing compound, sandpaper of various grits, rubber gloves, a tack rag to pick up dust, pretaped plastic to block messy overspray (like blue painter’s tape […]

  • Guide & Tips
    DIY Car Tips : 3 Easy-To-Follow Steps to Replace a Busted Taillight

    Follow these steps, you will find replace a busted taillight is no longer difficult. 1. Find a replacement light Finding a replacement taillight assembly is relatively easy. Most automotive parts companies sell low-priced offshore “knockoffs” of the original equipment (OEM) parts. Similarly, many car dealers have easy-to-navigate websites that sell OEM parts at discounted prices. If you’re […]

  • Electric Cars
    GM Is Gluing Its New Cars Together to Save Weight

    Pin The new GMC Acadia SUV on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Getty Todd Korol / ContributorAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below Gluing a car together might seem like a dangerous way to reduce weight, but it turns out that the practice of using advanced adhesives to construct vehicles is […]

  • Cars Brands
    Volkswagon Says That They Can Fix Their Emissions Cheat

    Limited details of the plan were made public last week at a regional dealer meeting in Newark, New Jersey, by Volkswagen of America Chief Operating Officer Mark McNabb, said two dealers who asked not to be identified because the plan hasn’t been made public. Volkswagen’s plan to fix most of its 2-liter diesel engines that […]

  • Automotive News
    Now China Bans Highway Testing of Autonomous Cars Pending Regulation

    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and police have a preliminary draft of the rules, She Weizhen, head of the ministry’s autos department, said in a forum in Beijing. She didn’t give a detailed time frame on when the regulations will be finalized. China’s auto industry regulator said it’s working with police to formulate rules […]