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Check Out Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Secret Race Car Graveyard

There’s something strangely beautiful about a car graveyard. Abandoned automobiles, left to languish in an overgrown patch of forest or field, just have a certain charm to them. Maybe it’s that many of us with automotive hobbies are just a few steps away from a full-blown hoarding problem. Or maybe we just like seeing cars turned into lawn art rather than being sent to the crusher.

Apparently, Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares our fascination with dead and decaying cars. Which is why he’s spent the last several years collecting up wrecked race cars and depositing them in the woods of Dirty Mo Acres, his sprawling home and racing compound in rural North Carolina.

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To hardcore Junior fans, the race car graveyard at Dirty Mo isn’t a secret. Street Muscle did a great tour of the motorsports cemetery back in 2013—and you can bet the number of wrecks tucked away in those woods has only increased since then.

But this week, JR Motorsports gave us a video tour of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into picking the final resting place of the latest addition. It’s abidingly low-tech, involving nothing more than a beat up old Chevy flatbed, a ratchet strap, a sturdy tree, and on occasion, a fork lift.

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Yeah, we want a yard like this someday.

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