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How to Build a DIY Tool Cabinet for Your SUV | Tool Storage | Truck Box

This DIY tool cabinet will instantly organize everything, using two sliding drawers and a hidden storage box. Tools, emergency supplies, recovery gear—the stuff you need to take with you can quickly become the stuff that makes a huge mess out of the back of your SUV.

We at PM share a love of Land Cruisers with Bob Clagett of I Like to Make Stuff. He’s been modifying his 1992 FJ80 Land Cruiser this past year, and his tool storage build is one of our favorites.

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His design can be altered to fit the rear cargo space of any truck, SUV, or crossover. Everything is built from 3/4-inch plywood, including the storage drawers and platform. Additional hardware includes a piano hinge for the storage top, drawer slides, drawer liners, and a rubber mat cover.

In addition to storing all your gear, this truck cabinet keeps everything concealed from prying eyes, and it’s sturdy enough that you can still carry and hold heavy items on top of it. If you plan on using this for an extended period of time, we recommend securing it to the floor of your SUV which will prevent it from dislodging during an accident.


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