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A 53-Billion-Pixel Image Makes You Zoom In Impossibly Far

The astonishing 53-billion-pixel picture is mostly just an elaborate advertising scheme for its new £275,000 Mulsanne, but it’s still pretty sweet. Using technology developed by NASA, it allows users to zoom in from the sunny panoramic to the stitching of the lone vehicle. The crazy sorts of image enhancement you’ve seen in episodes of CSI aren’t actually real right? You can’t just endlessly zoom in. Well, ordinarily that’s correct, but this neat little photo is a clever exception to the rule.

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Bentley says it joined together 70 individual photographs to create the image, with a printed out version of the photo reaching around the same size as a football field.

It’s a fun gimmick, but you’ll notice you can only zoom; you can’t look around anywhere else. For some fun on that front, you can check out other, much larger pictures, like this 365-billion-pixel image of the Alps, or this 20-billion-pixel image that lets you creep on the citizens of New York City.

Someone just needs to put this to use for Where’s Waldo.


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