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Doy Save Lives – Narrowly Avoid Disaster On a Rally Stage By a Dog

Wow, that’s a amazing news. A dog became the most fortunate pup on the planet because of avoiding disaster on a rally stage in Bolivia.

Como se salvo este perrito hoy en el Codasur,que bueno no le paso nada! ???? se metió al camino y le salto el auto por arriba ??/ this is one lucky dog! Got jumped over today at Codasur Rally #rally #jump #luckydog fotos: Emilio Ibarra

A photo posted by Juan Carlos Salvatierra (@chavosalvatierra) on Aug 28, 2016 at 4:48pm PDT


Since the course was hot, spectators couldn’t help guide the dog out of the racing line. By some sort of miracle, the dog pranced right into the fly zone behind a road hump, with the rally car clearing the pup by inches. Had the car or the dog arrived a second earlier or later, it would’ve been a very different scene.


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