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Leno Under Glass, Checkers in Finland, Piedone lo sbirro – Hemmings Sunday Cinema

Besides, nobody was hurt, and Riggle said he’ll rebuild. Sure, it’s a bit sensational to show Jay Leno in the famed Hemi Under Glass wheelstander as it takes a tumble for Jay’s show, but it’s also a part of the car’s history now, something to be noted whenever people discuss the car from here on out.

* The Finnish Checker hoard might not be much to look at, as we see in this 2012 video documenting the cars, but they still make for an interesting story.

* Finally, we knew there had to be some inseguimentoswiss patek philippe replica watches out there featuring the late Bud Spencer and indeed, we found this clip from the 1973 flick “Piedone lo sbirro.”


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