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Mercedes parking system : Mercedes Cars Will be Able to Locate Free Parking Spots

Life is too short to lap massive parking lots looking for open spaces.

That’s why Mercedes-Benz, along with automotive supplier giant Bosch, announced last week that its cars would eventually be able to detect empty spaces and share the info with other Mercedes cars that are nearby, looking for empty spots. Testing is reportedly underway with new E-Class sedans.

The technology could be ready as early as 2017 and would bring the automaker in line with others such as BMW that are giving drivers the option of locating—and paying for—empty parking spots.

Benz and Bosch have worked together before on parking technology, in this case a remote parking pilot feature for the new E-Class that is expected to make its debut in the United States sometime soon.

But crowd-sourcing parking spots could alleviate long hunts for open spaces. According to Mercedes, the E-Class would use its ultrasound sensors to identify open spaces at speeds up to 34 mph and relay that to a network. Drivers looking for parking in that area would be fed information that would let them know how probable it is for them to find a spot based on shared information.

Mercedes says it will eventually create a real-time map with available parking spaces. Yes, we live in exciting times.

Of course, this all depends on two things: First, there needs to be a significant supply of connected Mercedes cars roaming your city streets to supply fresh information for the map. And second, you all can’t be going to the same Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale at the same time.

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