• Automotive News
    Divergent 3D Team up with French PSA Group to Introduce 3D-Printed in Mass-Produced Cars

    Divergent 3D has partnered with French auto giant PSA Group to introduce 3D-printed metal components in mass-produced cars. Divergent is a startup  based in Los Angeles that has developed a proprietary “software-hardware platform” that can efficiently produce complex metal components using 3D printing. PSA Group, the maker of Peugeot, DS and Citroën cars, has signed a letter […]

  • Automotive News
    Uber Has Self-Driving Cars Offering Rides to Public and Self-Driving Trucks Transporting Goods on the Highway

      Let’s read the news about Uber. Uber on Thursday announced the acquisition of Otto, an American startup with around 90 staff working on developing self-driving trucks. The announcement was made on the same day Uber announced a deal with Volvo to source additional test cars for its growing fleet of self-driving cars. Otto co-founder […]

  • Auto Tech
    Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller lays out future plans

    2015 Volkswagen e-Golf Enlarge Tag Heuer Replica WatchesPhoto Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Müller last week announced an all-encompassing strategy that will see the automaker through the next 10 years and hopefully leave behind any lingering thoughts of the recent emissions cheating scandal, which incidentally VW is close to settling in the United States. The new […]

  • Auto Tech
    Google founder Page working on flying car now

    Zee.Aero is entirely unrelated to Google, which Page is no longer running (he’s still in charge of Google parent company Alphabet, though). Some details have finally made their way online regarding Google founder Larry Page’s ultra-secret startup, Zee.Aero, and they might surprise you: He’s working on a flying car. Patent filings have revealed that Zee.Aero’s […]

  • Auto Tech
    Uber searches more automaker partnerships, won’t build cars

    Couple the growing popularity of ride-sharing services such as Uber with the impending arrival of fully autonomous cars, and it’s clear the rate of car ownership in major cities will be trending down. The automotive industry is in the early stage of a major transition, brought about by disruptive forces such as autonomous technology and […]

  • Cars Brands
    Porsche established digitization department

    Among its contemporaries, Porsche was the first to expand into SUVs and offer a hybrid, and with the launch of the production version of the Mission E concept will likely be the first with an electric car. Porsche has a long record of innovation and is once again breaking new ground with the establishment of […]