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BTTF Toyota, The Banger Boys, Mark il poliziotto – Hemmings Sunday Cinema

* “The Banger Boys” is a 1976 documentary that took a look at the British pastime of selecting clunkers from the junkyard, getting them just driveable enough for the Replica Watchestrack, and then weekend racing them. (via)

* Finally, while last week’s inseguimento featured a Ferrari, this week’s – from the 1975 flick “Mark il poliziotto” – squeezes way more entertainment from two far more humble French cars. At least until the end.

For most people, the most iconic vehicle from the Back to the Future films is the DeLorean. Fair enough. For one guy in Massachusetts, it was always the Toyota pickup, and 30-plus years later, he owns that very pickup, as we see in this Aficionauto video (via)


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