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Watch This Drag Racing Engine Explode In Spectacular Fashion

Drag racing engines are some of the most stressed pieces of machinery in motorsport. Thanks to the outright power and torque needed to dig out of the start, engines need to be exceptionally powerful. This power, of course, comes at the cost of durability—something this driver learned the hard way.

In this video put together by CompetitionPlusTV, we get to see what a drag engine failure at high speeds looks like first-hand, using a GoPro attached the to front of the car.

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The car gets off the line just fine, completing around 1000 feet worth of drag strip before the engine grenades itself, and detaches the supercharger in spectacular fashion. Flames erupt from the rear of the block, and continue until the emergency crew arrives at the scene. Luckily, no one was injured.

Drag engines might make a whole lot of power, just don’t be surprised if they give out a little bit more often.

via Jalopnik


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